Friday, 18 July 2014

Meeting No 29 was Fab :-)

A Big thank you has to go to Joanna, whose presentation made this event very interesting and worthwhile attending. And to all you guys who where there and for your input, and to Keith our resident guru who answered the technical questions embellished with some interesting stories :-)

Joanna even 3D printed her earrings to match her outfit. A nice feature for the presentation  which highlighted some of the latest developments in 3D printing and how it is moving fast into the mainstream, checkout ASDA who are the latest company to offer a 3D printing service...


...It will be in a store near you soon. Then there is Nike, who has been pushing the boundaries of 3D printing in the manufacturing of individualised foot wear and bags using specialised flexible filaments...


Chinese are printing houses...


Now even ‘Will I Am’ is getting in on the act by recycling Coke bottles into 3D printer filament...


This is what the big guys are up to; but what about the rest of us? The purpose of #3DPM is to promote 3D printing and help as many of you as possible to get a handle on this technology; and to get onto the bandwagon before it passes by. 3D printing needs printers, designer, distributors, etc and ideas.

Maybe you have that ‘killer app’ idea that will change the world? Or you are just curious, either way you are very welcome to call in and get involved. Our next meetup at Fab Lab is on the 21st August 2014 6-8:30pm. But you can call into Fab Lab on any of their open days before then for a chat.

See You Soon :-)

Monday, 2 June 2014

#3DPM congratulates JW Retailers Farnworth

Jonathan and the guys at JW Retailers put on a great charity fun day and raised over a £1000 pounds to help Rhys Williams an eight-year-old boy with a rare skin condition. You can read more about it here in the local rag 'The Bolton Evening News'. We add our congratulations for a job well done, it is hard work raising money for charity in these austere times; and we must also thank the 'BEN' for covering it.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Meeting No 27 is at Fab Lab (Thu, May 22nd 6-8:30pm)

See Meetings & Events page for location details.

More Info to follow eventually, going for a cuppa tea and a bite to eat now :-)

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fab Lab meeting proved profitable :-)

Circumstance conspired to hold two meetings two days apart which could have been a bit of a disaster, except it wasn’t. To get the right minds thinking about the club’s sustainability has to be a good thing and much 3D printing was had by Martin who got to grips with the ‘Dimension 1200es Series 3D printer’ and Cormack who got his newly designed cup holder printed on the BCP-01, this led onto a discussion about hydroponics and the possibilities of developing a micro-system for the hobbyists; this will be followed up as part of our extra-curricular activities.

Now, after such a long time, #3DPM have got into its new office/showroom in the Farnworth indoor market and we will be kitting the place out over the next few weeks; the place looks a lot better than the bomb site we had back in January and we have Jonathan of JW Retailers to thank, for the great facilities.

There will be more about #3DPM’s focus on sustainability in the coming weeks, and it is hoped this also leads onto more business creation for our members/pioneers. Creating new businesses is one of the reasons why #3DPM exists. We have already done it and we intend to keep on doing it!