Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Seeking Help to grow #3DPM Farnworth

#3DPM has established an office in an indoor market and it has been furnished with 3D printers and computers   and it has been set-up to research and develop the #3DPrinting Academy; as well as spread awareness of 3D printing technology.

Help is being asked for, to grow #3DPM Farnworth; and in return we hope to help those who help us. For example:  to access 3D printing resources, knowledge and the network, etc.

If interested?  Then please get in contact at our meet-ups; or email for info.You are also very welcome to call in for a chat; the office is usually open around mid-day 10-3pm Mon-Sat.  ...  Address: #3DPM, The Indoor Market, 2 King Street, Farnworth, BL4 7AZ, UK.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Meeting No 31 at Fab Lab (Thu, Sept 18th 6-8:30pm)

See Meetings & Events page for location details.

A custom 3D coin necklace. There are actually pennies inside.

Now Anyone Can Use 3D Printing To Make Money!

Read more at:

Innovative double extrusion system

This is clever, check it out at ...

The biscuits went down well...

The biscuits went down well and Joanna was very informative as usual. Gareth and Stef made it okay; looking forward to the next event to find out more about their project :-)

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kathryn NEEDS YOU r 3D prints

Kathryn has sent us an email in which she asks for our help, I put the details in the comments.
She is asking for 3D printed donations for a display at MOSI, and yes, she said I could give you her mobile and email address :-)

PS: They need the donations by 26th September 2014, Thanks!

If it’s not broken, break it...

Isaac asked if we could give him a mention, so we will!
His website is here
I have put more info in the comments :-)

Monday, 11 August 2014

Meetup at Fab Lab, #3DPM has turned 30 (Thu, August 21, 6-8:30pm)

See Meetings & Events page for location details.

This is our 30th Meetup so we will be celebrating this with some extra special biscuits :-)
Joanna will be getting us up to date with the latest happenings in the 3D Printing world; also, for our newer members a presentation about 3D Printing history and 3D Printer types and differences; and Keith will probably give us a demo while we drink ourselves merry with tea or coffee, eat biscuits and chat about stuff.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Friday, 18 July 2014

Meeting No 29 was Fab :-)

A Big thank you has to go to Joanna, whose presentation made this event very interesting and worthwhile attending. And to all you guys who where there and for your input, and to Keith our resident guru who answered the technical questions embellished with some interesting stories :-)

Joanna even 3D printed her earrings to match her outfit. A nice feature for the presentation  which highlighted some of the latest developments in 3D printing and how it is moving fast into the mainstream, checkout ASDA who are the latest company to offer a 3D printing service...


...It will be in a store near you soon. Then there is Nike, who has been pushing the boundaries of 3D printing in the manufacturing of individualised foot wear and bags using specialised flexible filaments...


Chinese are printing houses...


Now even ‘Will I Am’ is getting in on the act by recycling Coke bottles into 3D printer filament...


This is what the big guys are up to; but what about the rest of us? The purpose of #3DPM is to promote 3D printing and help as many of you as possible to get a handle on this technology; and to get onto the bandwagon before it passes by. 3D printing needs printers, designer, distributors, etc and ideas.

Maybe you have that ‘killer app’ idea that will change the world? Or you are just curious, either way you are very welcome to call in and get involved. Our next meetup at Fab Lab is on the 21st August 2014 6-8:30pm. But you can call into Fab Lab on any of their open days before then for a chat.

See You Soon :-)